Juniors Headed to Cuba!

Juniors Headed to Cuba!

The Junior class left this morning at Ridiculously Early o’clock for their Global Connections Trip to Cuba.  For many of our students, it will be the first time out of the U.S. (and for some, the first time on a plane).  Yet, we truly believe learning occurs beyond the classroom walls and we believe that our students benefit from seeing themselves as global citizens, connected to people throughout the world, and members of a global community where they may find themselves everywhere at home.

During their two weeks on this diverse and complex island, they’ll have the chance to be part of history in the making as Cuba and the U.S. begin to thaw their relations after more than 60 years of isolation. They’ll learn firsthand about the Cuban Revolution, Hemingway, sustainable agriculture, salsa, Santería — all through direct interaction with the people who live there.

You can follow their experience on their blog.  Please be patient with them as they try to post regularly while not having regular access to the Internet.

While you’re waiting for their updates, you can also read this article published in The Message for the Week about the trip and the Compass Global Connections program.

This group has raised over $15,000 in an effort to assure that every 11th grader, regardless of family income, can have this transformative experience. Even though they’re already on their way, additional money would support making the trip affordable.  Click here to donate at their crowdfunding site. Donations of even just $10 or $20 would help immensely.