Louise Van Order Hodson

Louise Van Order Hodson

What fun!  I have been at Compass since 2001 and every year has been so different! I started here right after getting a masters at Antioch, and found a dream school. It has been a pleasure to grow as the school has changed from a new community of dreamy eyed students and educators to a crew searching for excellence.

I have enjoyed so many corners of our community but currently spend my time with 10th grade advisees, teaching High School math, Physics and art. It is so nice to have this balance of topics in my week and life.

At home we have been working to expand our home and to fit my three and one year old. They and the building are pleasure. I love the challenges of construction, it matches my math art brain.

Louise Van Order Hodson :: Middle and High School Math, Middle School Science, Advisor Class of 2018

M.S., Antioch New England

B.A., Connecticut College

Sailor & Artist