Lyssa Singleton

Lyssa Singleton

I have been the bookkeeper and office manager at Compass since 2014. I love being able to reconcile the accounts with the students, families and teachers that make up this amazing community. My son attended Compass starting in 2009 and my daughter is a rising senior. Over the past 8 years it has been wonderful to see how Compass nurtures the individuality in every kid while encouraging them to greater heights.

As a staff member I have had the opportunity to work with students and parents bringing the perspectives of each together to make the accounting as transparent and understandable as possible. While accounting isn’t enjoyable for many people I find pleasure in supporting Compass and the necessity of the finances is made real by the individuals that are given Compass experiences by my efforts.

At Compass I have had the opportunity to mentor a student in learning Quickbooks so that he is able to support his family’s business.

At home I can usually be found with my partner, my three dogs, my three cats, or my flock of chickens. All of these animals make me laugh with their antics. I love to read, to cook, to garden, and go for hikes. When I muster up the motivation I love yoga and working out. I am fortunate that my parents retired to the area so that spending time with them is part of every week.

When away from home I love to travel, particularly abroad. I can often be found seeing live music, particularly the local band The Snaz for which my daughter is the bassist. Whenever they play in Burlington I go, for then I can also see my son who now attends UVM. For me, spending time with my family is my greatest joy.