What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

What makes us unique? As a small school dedicated to the success of every student, we create a unique learning environment where students thrive by tapping into their strengths and are challenged to grow beyond their comfort zone. Through diverse experiences both within and beyond the classroom, we come to know each other as whole human beings, each of us a vital part of the community.

Our dedication to celebrating each individual creates a vibrant, active community that supports students from middle school through high school graduation and success in college.

A Compass education gives students . . . .

Knowledge and Academic Achievement through rigorous courses and expansive exploratory classes designed to address meaningful issues using a wide range of learning styles.

Citizenship and Leadership through involvement in school wide democracy, community service and interaction with diverse cultures near and far through travel experiences.

Self Awareness and Confidence through our rigorous portfolio evaluation process requiring all students to reflect deeply on their strengths and areas for growth.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills through diverse experiences such as Project Week and Community Service Winter Term that demand students apply their learning to real world challenges.

The Ability to Work with Others and Value Diversity by working closely with peers and adults to create a stronger community at Compass and in the larger world.

A pair of students, Peter and Jaya, wanted to explore the question of what made Compass the magical and important place it was.  This video is their answer to that question.  We think it represents us pretty well.

To learn more about our innovative educational program, we invite you to come to schedule a visit.  To do so, contact Brian Whitehouse, Director of Admissions, by phone at 802-463-2517 or by email at info@compass-school.org