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Director Rick Gordon Advises Japanese School

Although Compass School is a small school in a small state, its influence stretches halfway around the world. Next week, Compass Director and Co-Founder Rick Gordon, PhD will fly to Japan to do curricular...

Compass School Award Winners

Numerous Compass students have been honored recently for their many accomplishments including: Sydney Bobrow was offered $80,000 as Godman Scholar at Ohio Wesleyan University,  awarded $65,000 from Goucher...

Julia Taylor Reflects on Teaching in New Blog

Like its author, Julia Taylor’s new blog is at once engaging, thoughtful and whimsical. Our veteran high school humanities teacher shares not only the techniques she uses to challenge and inspire her...

Compass Writers Publish Electronically via “The Point”

Compass’s student-written publication known as “The Point” has a long, if not elusive history, from its humble beginnings eight or so years ago, when Humanities teacher Julia Taylor led an afternoon...
Rick's Reflections Director and co-founder Rick Gordon’s thoughts on education, community and the future of Compass School

Director’s Blog

Building Attachments

At a meeting yesterday, a therapist talked about how children learn the basic rules of life—my actions are reciprocated by someone else’s reaction. Treat someone kindly, and kindness comes back to you. Do something hurtful and the loop of positive feedback is broken, often to your detriment.

He described 10 second long films researchers made of mothers and babies interacting. Within this brief period, the mother makes 8 or 10 micro responses—looking at the baby, adjusting the child in her arms, opening her shoulder towards the child. Multiply these micro responses by 365 days over 4-6 years and a child develops healthy attachment to others, innately understanding that one’s… read more

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Compass Open House 5.13.2014