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Special Educator Kellie Crowder Joins Faculty

Director Rick Gordon has announced the appointment of Kellie Crowder as Compass School’s new Director of Special Education. An experienced and energetic educator, Kellie has previously served as a special...

Summer Reading Project Underway

Thanks to Humanities teacher Julia Taylor, the Compass curriculum doesn’t end in June. Pleasure and intellectual growth are the goals of Julia’s Summer Reading Project. Students earn academic...

Admission Office Open Through Summer

The Admission Office is open for business. Families wishing to inquire about enrollment for their 7-12th grade sons or daughters should contact Director of Admission Rick Cowan by phone at 802-376-6218 or...

June 2014 Compass Journal Published

The Final Compass Journal for the 2013-14 School year is hot off the presses.  View or download the PDF copy below: Download (PDF,...
Rick's Reflections Director and co-founder Rick Gordon’s thoughts on education, community and the future of Compass School

Director’s Blog

 Graduation Speech 2014

Big and Small Things 

Typically, graduation speeches tend to talk about big things and lofty ideas. In our hyperconnected world, there is no shortage of big issues worth attention, from climate change to economic inequality to Syrian civil conflict to the impact of technology on our lives.

Closer to home in Vermont, we wrestle to build a thriving economy, to provide quality education for every child, to improve health care delivery, and to retain the spirit of community in a rapidly changing world.

No doubt, we are affected by the world around us, and the world our graduates will step into will do much to shape their choices and opportunities. But today, I hope we can focus on the smaller things… read more

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