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9/10th Graders Art for Social Change Exhibit: Friday, May 22

An exhibit of the students’ photographic and written portraits as well astheir art work inspired by their research papers about complex socialproblems in this country, including environmental,...

Senior Project and Junior Comp Presentations are this Friday from 10:30 til 2:00

The senior project is a chance for students to demonstrate their learning skills and interests by pursuing an extensive learning project of their own design. Each student must undertake a significant study of...

Family Fiesta! Dinner, Music and Outdoor Games! Sunday, May 17th from 2:00-6:00pm


Come Help Our Students Raise Money to Host a Meal for a Women’s Shelter! Tomorrow, Tuesday April 28th!

There will be a car wash/bake sale/50-50 raffle to support 8th grade community service. Everyone, please bring your cars to the Final Cut/Sunoco Station at the bottom of Red Light Hill in Bellows Falls to...
Rick's Reflections Director and co-founder Rick Gordon’s thoughts on education, community and the future of Compass School

Rick’s Reflections


It was so gratifying to be immersed in the 20’s museum last night. There are countless wonderful aspects of this event, including having all these people interacting, chatting with parents, enjoying live music and catered food, and seeing all the kids dressed up in period costume. Beyond simply seeing students engaged and committed to their schoolwork, ultimately we value the quality of their academic work, and in this regard, I was so impressed by what I saw.

The work was noteworthy, to me, on at least two fronts. First, the quality of student work was evident not only in the strong writing displayed (which also reflected on solid research) but also in the attention to detail in layout of text and images… read more

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